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We are exited to finally announce this new collaboration - a Training and Education department within Securo, led by Steven Braat. Two parties joining forces and utilizing their combined expertise for innovation, quality, and a more comprehensive service.

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A synergy of expertise: This collaboration is not just a symbolic handshake, but a practical step in harnessing our combined experience and specializations. By actively engaging in Training and Education, we remain up to date in the ever-changing world of security. This also enables us to continue offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients, such as Safety Awareness training.

A stride in quality maintenance and improvement: This collaboration is not merely an alliance on paper; it is a commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality we provide to our customers. With the ability to provide in-house training, we can tailor the courses to the specific needs of our clients. The first trainings are already scheduled, with 6 of our employees starting the training to become Personal Security Officers in February.

Customer-focused and innovative: Through the implementation of these new capabilities, we can operate even more customer-focused and flexible. We understand that every company is unique, and our improved capacities allow us to provide customized security solutions and training that perfectly align with the individual needs and challenges of our clients.

A future of collaboration: As we celebrate this collaboration, we eagerly look forward to a future of shared growth and innovation. Together, we will continue to strive for the highest standards of security and quality, while continuously evolving to distinguish ourselves through professional training and education.

We confidently anticipate this joint and educational future.


Steven Braat and Securo Beveiliging

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