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Securo is founded in 2004. Our organization works with short communication lines between management and its staff. An efficient internal collaboration to ensure maximum safety every day.

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Company vision and mission

Constantly renewing, custom solutions

Just like our society, the vision and mission of our organization is constantly changing. That is why we are always looking for custom solutions that fit your specific needs. Our combination of people, knowledge and technology are essential here. Working together effectively and efficiently to fit your needs and fit your budget.


The quality of our services is essential in order to achieve the joint objectives. We are able to keep this quality high by constantly looking to improve our services. For example investing in training and education. Our back office processes play an important role in maintaining our high standards.

Qualified and Certified

To guarantee our level of quality, Securo only employs security officers who are qualified and certified. Our security officers always carry with them their ‘’private security organization identification card'', which is issued by the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

Special laws

For safety reasons the Police's Special Laws Department does a background check on all of our employees. Our security offers will always be able to identify themselfs bij showing their security identification. Issued bij the Dutch Ministry of Justice.


Securo has been issued its permits under the number ND 1938, which have been issued by the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Securo is also recognized as a Dutch training company. With this recognition, Securo is authorized to train its own security officers and provide them with an internship.

Predictive Profiling

Predictive Profiling is a proactive security method to prevent unwanted incidents based on the current threat...

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Object security

Customized security solutions. Securo has extensive experience with the security of objects.

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Close protection

Close protection is one of our services that gets increasingly called upon. The reasons for close protection vary....

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Red Teaming

Is your organization prepared for an organized attack?

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Event security

Securo knows that every event is different and every event requires a specific approach. As a result, Securo does...

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Retail security

Your visitors, employees and luxurious goods are safe with Securo’s professional retail security officers.

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Everyone has to deal with risks. So what are the risks? How big are these risks? And are these risks manageable or...

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You only have one chance for a first impression.

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