You only have one chance for a first impression.


What does Securo
stand for.

Being a part of different organisations, Securo’s receptionists know better than anyone how important it is to leave a good (first) impression.
On arrrival and departure a fresh and friendly appearance will welcome you. Customers have experienced this as pleasant for themselves, their employees, customers and visitors. That’s why they like to call our receptionist service a true experience.

Our receptionists have extensive experience as host/hostess and are in possession of a “Hospitality” training. In addition, the receptionists receive various types of training, which means that they have various additional skills. This includes a wide variety of other administrative tasks, telephone exchange, key management, mail management and a proper set of computer skills.

The Securo team is at your disposal.

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Integrity is an important part of the culture of our organization and is the foundation for all our services.


Personally being greeted on arrival and departure is one of the things that distinguishes our receptionists from others. Securo will allways try to exceed expectations and making sure our services will be an “experience”.


Our receptionists all wear a three-piece tailor-made suit and have a representative appearance.


Although every object we secure is unique, our receptionists think along with the business processes of your organization. Our activities don't just stop with the basic tasks, we like to exceed expectations.

First aid and Emergency response

Our receptionists all are in possession of a first aid and/or emergency response certificate, including the use of the AED.

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From risk to safety

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