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Customized security solutions. Securo has extensive experience with the security of objects.

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Together with the cliënt, Securo's professionals create a customized security plan. Based upon this security plan, detailed instructions are drawn up for our security officers. This includes, but is not limited to the preventive fire- and closingrounds, openingsrounds, surveillance and fire safety checks. Securo is not afraid to think outside the box and bring innovative security ideas to life.

Security guards in combination with the right technology is also one of the things that brings security to life. The goal is to have peace of mind for the cliënt. That’s why Securo primarily focuses on prevention but is also prepared for escalation when necessary.

Due to these preparations and our presence on location, we achieve maximum performance.
In addition to the security awareness, our security officers are aware of the influence that security can have on their surrounding. This allows them to efficiently switch between hostmanship and security.

Our security officers all wear a three-piece suit. The well-known and visible "V-sign" ensures distinction and contributes to prevention.

Our security officers all are in possession of a first aid and/or emergency response certificate, including use of the AED.

The Securo team is at your disposal.

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Integrity is an important part of the culture of our organization and is the foundation for all our services.


All our security officers are certified and are extensively screened by the special laws department of the Federal police.


One of the benifits of working with experienced security guards is that they are able to respond adequately to incidents, to recognize them, to prevent them and to minimalize damage where possible.


In addition to the security awareness, our security officers are able to switch between hosting and security. By doing so, they become an extension of your organization.


Although every object we secure is unique, our security officers think along with the business processes of your organization. Our activities don't just stop with the security tasks, we like to exceed expectations.

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