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Securo knows that every event is different and every event requires a specific approach. As a result, Securo does not aspire to work at large-scale events such as dance parties and sports events.

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Events that fit with Securo's approach are events where that little bit of extra is required from the security guard.

Together with the cliënt, Securo's professionals create a customized security plan. Based upon this security plan, detailed instructions are drawn up for our security officers.

Safety is the number one priority with our security officers. Achieving maximum security, we work together as a team, together with your organisation and with the local government. Part of the representativeness is wearing a three-piece suit. The well-known and visible "V-sign" ensures distinction and contributes to prevention.

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Integrity is an important part of the culture of our organization and is the foundation for all our services.


All our security officers are certified and are extensively screened by the special laws department of the Federal police. We only work with fully certified officers.


Teamwork is essential to achieve a successful event. Between the security officers themselves, as well as with the organization of the event.


In addition to the security awareness, our security officers are able to switch between hosting and security. By doing so, they become an extension of your organization.

First aid and Emergency response

Our security officers all are in possession of a first aid and/or emergency response certificate, including the use of the AED.

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