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What is Red Teaming?
Red Teaming is a method that originated with the army. Soldiers who test each other for weaknesses and vulnerabilities by putting themselves in the shoes of the enemy. The Red team attacks the Blue team. A well-known example of Red Teaming took place at Pearl Harbor. Here it was found by Red Teaming that Pearl Harbor was vulnerable to air raids. No action was taken after this was established. On December 7, 1941, they paid the price. With Red Teaming we expose the vulnerabilities of your organization. It is important to convert these vulnerabilities into measures so you can improve the protection of your organization.

How can I improve the protection of my organization?
Securo will help your organization to identify the vulnerabilities and possible weaknesses. Main focus is people, technology and business processes. The next step is to conduct a targeted Red Team exercise. We also call this a penetration test, in which we test whether your organization is resistant to the threats that we have jointly identified. After the penetration test, you will receive an extensive report. It contains the findings of our Red Team and our recommendations to improve the protection of your organization. This allows you to remove the identified vulnerabilities or make them manageable. A useful process to better protect your organization and increase the safety awareness of your staff.

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