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Your visitors, employees and luxurious goods are safe with Securo’s professional retail security officers.


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Besides the fact that our Retail security officers know good hostmanship, they have an eye for internal en axternal risks and stay security aware. Securo’s Retail security officers are able to detect deviant behavior and respond accordingly.

With every unique cliënt comes an unique set of security measures. Having a tailor-made security plan, we recruit and select the security officers that fits your specific needs.
Our security officers have the diplomas and experience to minize the loss and maximize the hostmanship at your organization.

The Securo team is at your disposal.

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Integrity is an important part of the culture of our organization and is the foundation for all our services.


All our security officers are certified and are extensively screened by the special laws department of the Federal police.


One of the benifits of working with experienced security guards is that they are able to respond adequately to incidents, to recognize them, to prevent them and to minimalize damage where possible.


In addition to the security awareness, our security officers are able to switch between hosting and security. By doing so, they become an extension of your organization.


Although every object we secure is unique, our security officers think along with the business processes of your organization. Our activities don't just stop with the security tasks, we like to exceed expectations.

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