Dyami and Securo announce a strategic collaboration to enhance each other's services

Utrecht - Dyami, a leading consultancy firm in the field of security risk and intelligence management, announced today a new partnership with Securo Beveiliging, a prominent security company in the Netherlands. This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing security capabilities, training, and services in the Netherlands and beyond. Through this partnership, Dyami and Securo will combine their expertise to provide integrated security solutions to both government agencies and private sector clients. The combined forces of both organizations will result in improved risk analysis, crisis management, and physical security services.

"Dyami is excited to collaborate with Securo, a company known for its high-quality security services and deep knowledge of the security industry," says Eric Schouten, CEO of Dyami. "This partnership will enable us to offer an even wider range of quality security services."

From Securo, the director adds: "Our collaboration with Dyami reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence in security risk and intelligence management. Together, we will redefine security standards and provide our clients with unparalleled protection."

The partnership will commence immediately, with several joint projects already in the works.
For more information, please contact:
• Dyami: Eric Schouten, eric@dyami.services
• Securo: Amerik van Duin, avanduin@securobeveiliging.nl

About Dyami Security Intelligence Dyami is your partner in security risk and intelligence management. We offer services to make your organization resilient and provide support with geopolitical analysis and travel risk management. Our academy trains you and your staff in security awareness, travel safety, espionage awareness, and more.

About Securo Beveiliging Securo Beveiliging is a renowned security company in the Netherlands that offers high-end security services, from High end Retail to Personal Security. With a focus on quality and providing peace of mind, Securo aims for long-term relationships with all its clients. https://securobeveiliging.nl

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