TEFAF 2022

Prominent Art fair TEFAF, originally scheduled to take place in March 2022, was postponed in December 2021 due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. Since then, the organizers have been working with the exhibitors and stakeholders of the fair to confirm the feasibility of a new edition of the fair. Finally the 35th edition of the Tefaf took place in Maastricht from the 24th to the 30th of June 2022. Again a great diversity of exhibitors attended.

In many ways this was a different fair than usual. First of all, there were less visitors because of the holiday period in which the Tefaf took place, but the armed robbery in particular has been the talk of the day.

• How could this have happened?
• Why haven't the perpetrators been caught yet?
• What lesson can be learned from this?

Securo has been providing different types of security for a number of exhibitors since 2015. From risk assesment to execution. We jointly examine various scenarios and successfully adapt our security plans and protocols to them. The exhibitors and their valuables are in safe hands with us. Therefor we are looking forward to the 36th edition of the Tefaf.

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